You can't even imagine your financial losses due to low voltage! You will be shocked! Calculation below. - Electrosheriff

You can't even imagine your financial losses due to low voltage! You will be shocked! Calculation below.

Let's get straight to the point!

A 5000VA pump at a voltage of 160 Volts will spend how much more electricity if it operates for 100 hours in a row than at 220 Volts, the solution to the problem, the price of 1 kilowatt costs 10 cents

To solve this problem, we can use the formula:

Energy (in kWh)=(Power (in Watts)Voltage (in Volts))×Time (in hours)Energy (in kWh)=(Voltage (in Volts)Power (in Watts))×Time (in hours)


  • Power = 5000 VA (volt-amperes),
  • Voltage1 = 160 Volts,
  • Voltage2 = 220 Volts,
  • Time = 100 hours.

First, let's calculate the energy consumption for both cases:

  1. At 160 Volts: Energy1=(5000160)×100Energy1=(1605000)×100

  2. At 220 Volts: Energy2=(5000220)×100Energy2=(2205000)×100

Now, let's find the difference in energy consumption:

Difference in Energy=Energy1−Energy2Difference in Energy=Energy1Energy2

Next, we'll calculate the cost difference using the given price of 1 kilowatt-hour (0.10 dollars):

Cost Difference=Difference in Energy×Cost per kWhCost Difference=Difference in Energy×Cost per kWh

Now, let's perform the calculations:

  1. Energy at 160 Volts: Energy1=(5000160)×100≈3125 kWhEnergy1=(1605000)×1003125kWh

  2. Energy at 220 Volts: Energy2=(5000220)×100≈2272.73 kWhEnergy2=(2205000)×1002272.73kWh

Now, find the difference in energy consumption: Difference in Energy=3125−2272.73≈852.27 kWhDifference in Energy=31252272.73852.27kWh

Now, calculate the cost difference: Cost Difference=852.27×0.10≈85.23 dollarsCost Difference=852.27×0.1085.23dollars


Therefore, if the pump operates for 100 hours continuously, it will spend approximately 85.23 dollars more electricity at 160 Volts compared to 220 Volts.




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