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Welding with relay voltage stabilizer SUNTEK

Welding with a voltage stabilizer can help ensure a consistent and stable power supply, which is crucial for maintaining the quality and precision of the welding process. Here are some important points to consider when using a voltage stabilizer for welding:

Stable Voltage Supply: Voltage stabilizers help regulate the voltage supply, ensuring that the welding equipment receives a constant and optimal voltage level, which is essential for producing high-quality welds.

Protection Against Voltage Fluctuations: Voltage stabilizers can protect weldingequipment from potential damage caused by voltagefluctuation. By stabilizing the voltage, the stabilizer prevents sudden surges or drops in power that could harm thewelding mashine.

With a stable power supply, the welding process becomes more consistent and reliable. This can lead to better arc stability, improved control over the welding pool, and ultimately higher-quality welds.

Extended Equipment lifespan: By preventing voltage fluctuations, a stabilizer can help extend the lifespan of the welding equipment. Consistent power supply reduces the wear and tear that may occur when the machine is exposed to erratic voltage levels.

Safety Assurance: A voltage stabilizer contributes to a safer working environment by preventing potential electrical hazards that could arise from unstable power supply, ensuring that the welding process operates smoothly and without interruptions.

Now the most important thing is that only relay-type voltage stabilization is used with the welding machine! All other types are not suitable!

If you use inverter welding multiply the power of your welding machine by 1.5 and this will be the minimum power of the voltage stabilizer!

In all other types of welding machines - coefficient 2.

Using a voltage stabilizer SUNTEK  can help protect your welding equipment from power fluctuations and ensure a consistent power supply, which can result in better welding performance and higher quality welds.

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