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Voltage stabilizer for electric gates. How to choose the right one?

Quality voltage at the gate is probably the most important thing that can happen. Therefore, this issue must be taken seriously. We recommend that you always install a voltage stabilizeron gates with an electric drive. It is inexpensive and removes a number of difficulties in life. When choosing a voltage stabilizer for a gate, it is important to consider several key factors:

POWER: Make sure the stabilizer has enough power to ensure reliable operation of your gate system. Take into account the power consumption of the motor (look in the data sheet, let’s say it will be 500 W) and choose a stabilizer with a power reserve. We recommend a voltage stabilizer SUNTEK 1000VA for the gate. Additional power will ensure stable operation of the electric drive even with a large voltage drop

RELAY or SERVOMOTOR TYPE: We recommend the  relay type voltage stabilizer, because it is less whimsical and is able to work in difficult weather conditions. The main thing is to protect the voltage  stabilizer from precipitation.

voltage stabilizer suntek for gate
The SUNTEK 1000VA voltage stabilizer has all the necessary protective functions for continuous operation: protection against overvoltage, short circuit and overload. Also, the operating range is 120-285 Volts, frost resistant  with light protection function

Warranty  for voltage stabilizers SUNTEK - 3 years

Be sure to have the voltage stabilizer installed by a qualified electrician to avoid possible risks and damage.

Remember that choosing the right voltage stabilizer for your gate system will play an important role in ensuring safe and efficient operation of the system.

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