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Three-phase stabilizer or three single-phase voltage stabilizers. Which is better to choose?

This issue is still relevant, so we decided to dwell on it again. So let's get started. First, let's remember what a three phase voltagestabilizer is: these are three single-phase voltage stabilizers and a phase control device that controls the voltage between phases:

1. If the voltage is lost on one of the phases, it turns off the voltage on the other phases.
2. If the voltage difference is more than 20% between phases, it will also cut off the voltage on all phases.

Let's think about when we need this? This is very important when we use three-phase loads with motors or one large three-phase motor. It is impossible for the voltage to disappear in one phase while being supplied to others - there could be a fire.

This means that three single-phase stabilizers can be used in all other situations. Moreover, we get three independent phases. For a  country house or dacha this is very important. For example, you lost voltage in one phase, but you still have voltage left in the other two and you can continue your  comfortablelife. In addition, there are some not so important, but still advantages.

1. Compact dimensions of three stabilizers compared to one large one (in addition, SUNTEK produces voltage stabilizers in universal cases, you can also hang them on the wall)
2. Price. Three-phase due to lower hardware costs are cheaper than one  three phase

Conclusion: If you need a voltage stabilizer for one large load (machine tool, three phase pump, asynchronous motor, etc.), then we recommend installing one three-phase voltage stabilizer.
If you separate the phases of the load, for example, in a house, cottage, garage, cottage, it would be correct to install three single-phase voltage stabilizers.

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