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How to ensure uninterrupted operation of the air conditioner in the heat with a voltage stabilizer?

The air conditioner is a sensitive device that can be damaged due to power surges. Thus, for an air conditioning system, there must be a quality voltage in the network, which will ensure uninterrupted operation of the device during the operating time. In case of low voltage, the motor will raise the current above the normal level, which will immediately increase the temperature of the motor winding. High winding temperature leads to motor wear. Poor power quality is a major problem in many parts of the world, so proper surge protection is essential to prevent damage to devices.

The voltage stabilizer will be exactly those important elements in the network that will guarantee the supply of high-quality voltage to the air conditioner. How to choose the right voltage stabilizer for the air conditioner?


Firstly, you need to know how bad your voltage is (it's best to use a clamp meter or install a special voltmeter at the input).


Second, check the rating of your circuit breaker. It is desirable that the rating of the circuit breaker be greater than or equal to the circuit breaker of the voltage stabilizer.


Thirdly, you can proceed to the study of the power of the air conditioner. And do not forget that each air conditioner has starting currents (even an inverter one). Considering all these factors, it is recommended to install a voltage stabilizer with a margin of 50% up to a power of 10KVA and with a margin of up to 30% for more powerful ones. For example, if you have a 3KVA air conditioner, then it is recommended to use a 4.5-5KVA stabilizer. If the air conditioner model is 8 KVA, then the voltage stabilizer with a power of 12KVA, etc.


Fourth, select the type of voltage regulator. For the air conditioner, it is important to quickly adjust the voltage so that it does not “start” at low or high voltage, it is necessary that the voltage regulator always has time to correct the voltage in time.


In this case, the following types of voltage stabilizers will be optimal: relay type and thyristor type. They fit 100%. What's the difference then?

Relay type: fast, there is little sound during switching (like snapping fingers), inexpensive, no moving parts inside so maintenance free.

Thyristor type: in comparison with the relay type - silent - there may be a slight buzz of the coil, 2-3 times more expensive.

Very often, buyers choose the relay type.


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