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How to determine that voltage stabilizer is needed

How to determine that voltage stabilizer is needed

Have you ever experienced your air conditioner tripping on overheating or there was a short circuit that has left you clueless and worried? What can be the reason? Maybe it is due to voltage fluctuations, overuse of air conditioners, overheating, and so on.

To get rid of all those worries and combat voltage fluctuations, keeping in mind your appliances’ safety and long life, voltage stabilizers have been manufactured.

Now you know okay there is a way to deal with voltage fluctuations but why does the voltage fluctuate and when do we feel a need to use the stabilizer? To get the answer to these questions, stay tuned to the article.

Why does the voltage fluctuate?

In every place, so many devices are operated on electricity, so the problems of voltage arise when a load of current gets high at homes or working place as compared to the input of installed transformer setup.

How to determine that voltage stabilizer is needed? Now we know that the fluctuation of voltage can happen but how do we get to know that when we need a stabilizer?

There are a few ways to determine when we need a stabilizer. The human senses can sense the fluctuation of the voltage, for example, we can notice the brightness and dullness of the lamp, which indicates that either the voltage is boosted or bucked at that time. The sound of the speaker fluctuates when the variation in the voltage occurs. Some devices can also be used to determine the fluctuation of the voltage. The multimeter is a device that is used to measure the voltage as well as the current of the device. The voltmeter can also be used to measure the voltage of the device.

Every device does not need a stabilizer as long as the voltage fluctuation remains under the range of 10%. The voltage of the device measures by using a multimeter or voltmeter during the daytime when the current load is not high and then measure the voltage at the evening time when the current load is high because in the evening all the lamps and other appliances get powered on, so at that time the current load or the electricity usage is high. If the voltage measure between 198-253 volts then there is no need for a stabilizer but if the fluctuation is above or below this range then there is a need for a stabilizer.

With the increase in the use of electricity, the chances of short circuit and heavy load I also increased. So we should use a stabilizer in order to avoid as many accidents, related to short circuits, as possible.


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