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How not to break a variac

How not to break a variac

Variac is a laboratory autotransformer. This type of transformer is used to control the input voltage for household appliances. If we want to control the electricity of the whole house or the entire territory, then we need a powerful model of such a transformer.

When we introduce a new product, the user should know about the use of the product, how it functions and how to work with it without spoiling it. Let's talk a little about this.


Using Variac:

It is used for all kinds of appliances and anywhere, for example, in homes, offices, schools, universities and industrial enterprises. For example, variac is used to amplify a musical instrument, to adjust the brightness of lamps, to adjust the temperature of the heater, to control the speed of the device. It is cheaper than a conventional transformer. It is smaller in size, and is comfortably used for small household appliances.


The principle of operation of an alternating transformer:

The principle of operation of an alternating transformer is the same as that of a conventional transformer. Both work on the principle of Faraday's law. The transformer uses a primary coil as an initial source from which alternating current flows, and it induces an electromagnetic flux in its environment. In a conventional transformer, there are two windings; the primary winding and the secondary winding/the coil, but in the autotransformer (variac) there is only one winding to which the load is attached.


How to work with variac without spoiling it?

With each device there are always some precautions and a brief description of how to use it, especially with electronic devices. variac is also an electronic protection device. So here are some tips on how to use it or work with it without spoiling it:

First of all, make sure that you are using variac with devices whose voltage power is in the range of adjustable variac power. If you want or need to use an AC transformer, you should make sure that all the AC switches are off and its dial is set to zero before connecting. After that, he connects a device, for example a lamp, to an autotransformer, and on the other hand, connects the variac to a power outlet. Turn the variac knob clockwise to increase the voltage, and counterclockwise to decrease the voltage.


Variacs are dangerous gadgets, so we should familiarize ourselves with the operating procedure before launching the device, because human lives are the most important thing, and we should not ignore this.



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