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New series of laboratory autotransformer SUNTEK RED

SUNTEK has launched the production of a new series regulators of SUNTEK RED. Thanks to the new constructive elements, it became easier, more convenient and safer to connect and use LATR.

In SUNTEK RED laboratory transformers, a current fuse is installed, which allows the device to be protected from overheating and coil winding. In the models 500VA, 1000VA, 2000VA there is a built-in wire with a plug for connecting to the network, an outlet on the case for connecting the load, an on / off button.

Autotransformer SUNTEK RED

Regulator SUNTEK RED

Advantages of SUNTEK RED series:

the ability to change the output voltage from 0 volt to 300 volt with an accuracy of 1 volt
display of readings of the output voltage on the LCD (LCD) board (informative and accurate)
smooth stroke of the regulator knob
presence of fuse current (nominal = maximum current regulators)
Regulator on / off button (500VA, 1000VA, 2000VA models)
network connection with a wire with a plug (models 500BA, 1000BA, 2000BA)
connection of the load through the socket (models 500BA, 1000BA, 2000BA)
convenient fastening of input and output wires (model 3000VA-20000VA)


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