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Protection of equipment in case of loss of neutral in the network

Burnout (Loss of neutral) will have various consequences in the system, for example, the single-phase voltage will rise to the level of three-phase voltage, exposing the devices to 380 V instead of 220 V. This overvoltage will damage the devices and connected wiring.

The main cause of overvoltage in the system is a break in the neutral conductor. Loss of neutral occurs when an overload in the electrical network, in the event of a short circuit in the electrical network, improper contact in the neutral transition, in adverse weather conditions, etc. The loss of neutral not only makes the devices inoperative and the wiring, but when this problem occurs, electricity can travel along a variety of conductive paths such as water pipes, metal bands, etc. This flow of electricity from conductive devices can cause serious accidents and electric shocks.

To protect against these losses, SUNTEK UZON is a basic necessity. For example, a voltage regulator disconnects the entire load from the power source in the event of a high voltage, and the SUNTEK UZON also comes in when a voltage appears on the neutral wire. Also UZON SUNTEK automatically cuts off the system voltage at a higher voltage. It helps to protect electrical equipment, industrial and household devices from various power system failures.



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