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Watt (W) vs. Volt-Ampere (VA). Comparison. How to use it correctly.

Watt (W): The watt is a unit of real or active power, representing the actual useful power consumed by an electrical device to perform work. Watts measure the effective power in an electrical system.

Volt-Ampere (VA): The volt-ampere is a unit of apparent power, which takes into account both active and reactive power. Reactive power arises due to the inductance and capacitance in electrical circuits and does not perform any work but affects the energy flow.

Suppose you have a device consuming 500 watts of active power with a power factor of 0.8. To find the apparent power in volt-amperes, you can use the following formula:

VA=W/Power Factor

So, the device consumes 625 volt-amperes.

Productivity Factor (Power Factor): The power factor is the ratio of active power to apparent power in an electrical circuit. It can range from 0 to 1. A high power factor (close to 1) indicates efficient use of electrical energy, whereas a low power factor (close to 0) suggests inefficient use due to the presence of reactive power.

Converting Watts to Volt-Amperes:
To convert watts to volt-amperes, you can use the formula mentioned earlier:

VA=W/Power Factor

Keep in mind that the power factor is a dimensionless value between 0 and 1. If you know the power factor you can easily convert watts to volt-amperes. If the power factor is not given, you may need additional information or measurements to determine it.

In summary, watts represent real power, while volt-amperes represent apparent power which accounts for both real and reactive power. The power factor is a crucial factor in understanding the efficiency of power usage in electrical systems.


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