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Three-phase voltage stabilizer SUNTEK 9000VA

SUNTEK voltage regulator is designed for professional use in industrial enterprises, office centers, holiday villages and in various institutions. The device effectively prevents the breakdown of expensive equipment and other equipment from failures in the mains. The robust housing of the stabilizer reliably protects all its internal components from damage, and the presence of a door with a lock in it ensures the convenience of their maintenance.

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Rated power, VA


Input voltage range, V


Output voltage range, V


Stabilization type


Accuracy output voltage,%




Distortion sine wave


Operating range t ° C

-5 - +50



Network Connection Method

terminal block

Protection against short circuit



3 years

Overall dimensions, cm


Weight, kg


Three-phase voltage stabilizers are widely used not only in industrial facilities. They can be used in cottage villages, social infrastructure and small businesses. In some cases, even a three-phase network can be connected to residential buildings, so its use as a voltage stabilizer for the house is not ruled out. An ideal three-phase network should have a voltage level of 380V, but this is not always observed, so three-phase voltage stabilizers are used to normalize the network.

What is a three phase stabilizer? At its core, a three-phase voltage stabilizer is three independent single-phase stabilizers, which are combined by a common control circuit, and in case of phase imbalance or its shutdown, the circuit will completely shut off the entire stabilizer. Single-phase devices are connected in such a way that each phase has its own phase, and zero is common to all blocks. In addition, the housing of the three-phase stabilizer must be grounded.


Wiring diagram three-phase voltage stabilizer


SUNTEK voltage regulator responds to the following voltage fluctuations in the network:

Phase voltage is below a critical level;

Phase voltage above critical level;

The temperature of the elements of any block exceeded a certain threshold.

Sometimes when connecting consumers, a situation may arise with an uneven load on individual phases, which is called “phase imbalance”. The controller inside the stabilizer carefully monitors the situation and, with a large phase imbalance, immediately disconnects the load on all three phases. Three-phase voltage stabilizers are a vertical floor construction. In addition to the controls, voltage indicators are located on the front panels. The scope of three-phase stabilizers is extremely large. Three-phase voltage stabilizers for the home usually have little power. It can be limited to 30-50 kW. Stabilizers with a power of up to 100 kW are used to power small cottage villages, as well as in small businesses. Three-phase voltage stabilizers with a capacity of up to 1 MW are used in large industrial enterprises.


Three-phase voltage stabilizer SUNTEK


Why are our three-phase voltage stabilizers leading in sales in many countries?

Firstly, it is an exact match of technical parameters. Our voltage stabilizers are 100% consistent with the declared characteristics.

Secondly, we use only those spare parts that are ready to last at least 10-15 years. Therefore, we have a warranty period of 3 years, while in many brands 1 year, do you feel the difference?

Third, affordable prices. Our voltage regulator can afford a family or company with any income.

Fourth, we are manufacturers, therefore, any voltage regulator can be manufactured according to your requirements.


Three-phase voltage stabilizer SUNTEK


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