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Three-phase thyristor voltage stabilizer SUNTEK Standart TT 24000 VA

The kit for a three-phase network includes three SUNTEK Standart thyristor stabilizers with a capacity of 24000 VA (3x8000 VA), PKU 18-36 phase control unit and a rack for stabilizers.

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Rated power, VA


Maximum current one phase, A


Input voltage range, V


Output voltage range, V


Stabilization type


Accuracy output voltage,%


Distortion sine wave


Operating range t °C

-40 - +60



Permissible overload 100%, sec.


Lighting protection


Protection against short circuit



8 years

Overall dimensions, cm

3 * (20x30x44)

Weight, kg


SUNTEK Standart is a high-quality and reliable stabilizers for home and garden. They are distinguished by a wide range of input voltage (130-270 V), noiselessness and high speed. In the range from 140 to 260 Volts, they provide reliable voltage stabilization to a nominal value of 220 Volts ± 5%.

SUNTEK Standart thyristor voltage regulators are able to operate at temperatures from -40 °C to +60 °C (special version). All current-carrying elements of the stabilizer are additionally coated with a special varnish.

Indication of operating modes LED. An additional cooling system has been installed, which is activated when the load is exceeded by more than 50%. Universal metal case (floor / wall) with degree of protection IP20. To facilitate installation, a built-in cable of type PVA 3 meters long is provided.

Three-phase thyristor voltage

PCU (Phase control unit or Phase synchronization unit) is designed for round-the-clock monitoring of a three-phase network according to the main parameters: phase imbalance (voltage difference in phases over 20%); the disappearance of one of the phases; Incorrect phase connection order. If one of these parameters is violated, the three-phase load is disconnected. The unit is recommended to be installed immediately before a three-phase load. Stand for installation of stabilizers is made of metal using a profile. It is painted with light gray powder enamel.

Three-phase thyristor voltage stabilizer SUNTEK is used to stabilize the voltage in the power circuit, to which three-phase equipment is connected. It is ideally suited for maintaining stable voltage in homes, cottages, offices, as well as on production workshops. It is important to know that the total power of all functioning equipment should not exceed 24000VA.

Three-phase thyristor voltage stabilizer SUNTEK consists of 3 single-phase stabilizers, which can be supplemented with a phase control unit and a special rack. This unit performs the following functions: provides control over the phase sequence, monitors the disappearance of one of the phases, as well as phase imbalance. In the event that at least one of the three indicated conditions necessary for the safe operation of the equipment is violated, the device automatically disconnects the circuit from the power supply. As soon as all functions are restored, automatic connection will occur.


Wiring diagram three-phase voltage stabilizer


The principle of operation of Three-phase thyristor voltage stabilizer SUNTEK

All 3 stabilizers included with this device work on the same principle. When the supplied voltage is in the range of 225-465V, the device regulates the output value discretely, giving the consumer a voltage of 380 volts. Power switches are switched in steps, and the device does not give interference to the mains. Efficiency is 98%. It runs silently.

Design features three-phase thyristor voltage stabilizer SUNTEK

The electrical circuit contains original design solutions that enable the device to withstand voltage surges up to 1000V. In this case, the operability of the device is maintained.There is additional current protection. If you load the stabilizer over the limit of power, the device simply disconnects from the power supply. As soon as the load is reduced to the permissible value, the stabilizer turns on automatically. There is also a system for protecting the autotransformer from overheating.


Three-phase voltage stabilizer


Number of phases — 3
Maximum load power, kVA — 24
Permissible overload — 100% 35 s
Working range of input voltage, V — 245-450
Boundary range of input voltage, V — 225-465
Rated input frequency, Hz — 50
Input frequency range, Hz — 48-52
Stabilization of the output phase voltage,% — ±5
Operating range of the output phase voltage, V — phase 210-230, linear 380
The permissible amplitude coefficient of the AC load curve (peak factor) is not standardized
Range of load variation,% — 0 ... 100
Key Type — Thyristor
Distortion of the sinusoidal voltage — does not introduce distortion and additional interference
Voltage regulation time of one correction level, ms <= 20
Overload and short circuit protection — electronic and circuit breaker
Over current protection (with a delay of 35 seconds) A — 32 (phase)
Floor installation
Ambient temperature range, °C — -30 ... +60
Ambient temperature range during transportation and storage, °C — -40 ... +60
Relative humidity,% — 0 ... 80
Type of cooling — Passive. Inclusion at I more than 50%
Degree of protection — IP20
Weight, kg — 63
Overall dimensions, mm — 3 * (200x300x440)
Warranty period, months — 96
Service life, years — 10



Thyristor voltage regulators SUNTEK Standart TT 8000 VA - 3 pcs.

Phase control unit PCU 18-36 - 1 pc.
Dimensions: 18x25x41 cm
Weight: 7 kg

Stand for stabilizers - 1 pc.
Weight: 7 kg

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