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Relay voltage stabilizer SUNTEK 11000VA Platinum

SUNTEK stabilizer of relay type for a low voltage of 11000 VA. The stabilizer works at an input voltage of even <100 Volts, which makes it an indispensable assistant in a country house or in production.

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Rated power, VA


Maximum current, A


Input voltage range, V

90 - 285

Output voltage range, V

220+/- 8%

Stabilization type


Accuracy output voltage,%




Distortion sine wave


Operating range t ° C

-30 - +50



Network Connection Method

terminal block



Protection against short circuit


Lightning protection


Overall dimensions, cm


Weight, kg.


This stabilizer can easily work with devices connected to it simultaneously, such as a refrigerator, a boiler, a TV, an audio-video equipment. Or simply install it on a powerful washing machine, heating equipment, garage, bath up to 11 kW.

Voltage stabilizer SUNTEK Platinum in the range of 100-270 Volts is fully operational. The display shows the output voltage of 220 volts. If as a result of further voltage drop (and it is in the range of 90-100 Volt), the output voltage becomes less than allowed in your country, then the board shows the actual voltage, with an accuracy of 1 volt.

The SUNTEK 11000 Platinum voltage stabilizer will work even from 90 volts, but it should be understood that the load level must be below the nominal. The stabilizer starts to perform its full-fledged characteristics from 100 volts. At a voltage in the range of 270-285 Volts, the actual output voltage will also be displayed on the display. But when reaching 285-288 Volt, the stabilizer will immediately turn off, turning off all devices (the letter “H” is displayed), since the output voltage will be very high and dangerous for the equipment.

The electronic unit of series SUNTEK Platimun relay voltage regulator is a powerful enough microcontroller, in which the input and output voltage is analyzed and the signals for key management are generated.stabilizer. When forming the control voltage, the microcontroller takes into account the response time of keys and power relays. This allows switching without breaks. As a result, the voltage waveform at the output of the relay stabilizer repeats the shape at the input.

The SUNTEK voltage regulator will be your network status indicator from 90 to 285 Volts. If you are interested, follow the state of the network, if you do not have time - the stabilizer will control everything himself and give the best option for this situation.

The voltage stabilizer has protection:

1. Short circuit protection
2. Overload protection (overheating)
3. Undervoltage protection
4. Overvoltage protection
5. Protection against impulse (lightning) discharges

Installation in a three-phase network for each phase will provide 33 kVA of power, and thereby eliminate the possibility of complete loss of the network. When connecting a three-phase load (machines, motors, etc.), it is enough to additionally install a phase control relay.

Loss of neutral protection

With this voltage stabilizer, we recommend installing our LOSS OF NEUTRAL PROTECTION SUNTEK development. This device protects your equipment from burning out if the voltage on the neural wire is lost. Overvoltage occurs mainly due to breakage of neutral conductors, when the supply voltage is distributed unevenly between consumers or due to errors of personnel serving the electrical network. An open conductor breaks or burns out when the electrical network is overloaded (the load on the network increases every year); under adverse weather conditions, when food is produced by an air line (wind, fallen tree); during short circuits in the electrical network; with poor contact at the junction of neutral conductors; when stealing non-ferrous metal (wire); with old wiring in the home network.

We recommend installing LOSS OF NEUTRAL PROTECTION SUNTEK in front of a voltage stabilizer, for example SUNTEK. At high voltages in excess of 285 volts, the voltage regulator disconnects the entire load from the power source, but remains itself at high voltage, waiting for a lower line voltage. To protect not only your house from burning, but also a voltage stabilizer, install such protection in front of a voltage stabilizer, and you will receive complete protection against any voltage fluctuations in the network. The stabilizer and LOSS OF NEUTRAL PROTECTION SUNTEK are synchronized at the same voltage, for example, for SUNTEK voltage regulators, this is 285 Volts, in this case it does not reduce the operating range of the stabilizer, LOSS OF NEUTRAL PROTECTION SUNTEK, but serves as its additional protection and protection against burning out the neutral conductor which has often become commonplace in cities and villages.

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